A.N.A Sequence Fighting :

A.N.A provides choreography in a sequential format of marital art fighting for movies, TV Programs and much more. We prepare a full storyboard that is tailored individually to the type of movie or program that we are choreographing. Our experienced team coordinates the fighting in various ways and arranges the steps one by one, resulting in a full sequence action fighting routine.

Types of fighting we specialize in:

1. Martial Arts
2. Street-fighting
3. Historical fighting
4. Fighting with tools around you
5. Fighting with weapons

Directing Action Scenes

We provide directing for action scenes in full-fledged movies. This is done starting with a brainstorming session with the directors of the movie in which we then devise a storyboard based on the type of fighting. Next, we bring the storyboard to life by video and photographs with samples of our team demonstrating the sequences and scenes.

Training Actors

We specialize in training actors how to fight with or without a martial arts background. We train them on the certain sequences, providing them with physical training and nutritional advice. A.N.A also provides back-up stunt men in those scenes in which the regular actor cannot go through with the stunt or deems it dangerous.

Action Fighting In Movies :

We create special techniques of a wide range of arranged fighting plots/scenes in movies in order to teach actors to become more engaged in the action and in the planning of a complete story board for movies.

Our acting crews are fully capable of conducting martial art techniques for action movies in an order that can be used in any worldwide action movie.

  1. Directing action fighting in movies.
  2. Availability of suitable crew for the movies.
  3. Teaching & training the actors & actresses the correct way in action fighting plots.
  4. Executing the plots by using double gimmicks.
  5. Capable of providing action fighting, support and logistics.