Our company is capable of developing suitable systems that benefit society and individuals by using various forms of sports and athletics in conjunction with other companies, clubs and individuals in order to achieve a better and more prosperous lifestyle:
Development Plans,which consists of four trends:-


     Athletic Activities:-


• Personal training
• Group training
• Weight training(Body-Building)
• Fitness training
• Injury healing
• Martial Arts
• Tennis – Squash – Table Tennis


• Swimming pool classes
• Beach activities • Rowing – Boating
• Outdoor class such a Tai Chi – Yoga – Stretching using Natural view.
• Jet Ski
• Beach Volley Ball training
• Mini beach football
• Scuba diving
• Outdoor Children’s exercise


• Developing schedule’s for people’s needs.
• Adapting schedules to satisfy the trainee.
• Consultancy for companies by assisting them with scheduling in order to increase
• Different level or types of schedules for advanced training or preliminary training.
• Forming personal schedules according to a special program.



• Developing and arranging current sports.
• Arranging the machines according to the type of exercises.

     Type of Exercises

• Cardio – fitness machines
• Weight (Body Building) machines
• Weight reducing
• Recommending the new machine and tools needed to exercise
• The some happen to the tools
• Renting the locations for short term usage
• Utilizing the usage of the current places for classes, machines, group training, personal training and    indoor/outdoor activities



• Using everything available from activities and facilities to create different kind of competitions such as open days and different sport events
• To be used for guests and members alike
• To be done periodically either monthly or yearly as planned
• To provide a good image and high quality marketing for the premise
• Group competitions, single competitions, fun competitions, family competitions, outdoor competitions and open days



• To make the right choice for the type of activities and facilities needed
• To update the schedules
• To form the right schedules
• To correspond the schedules with marketing and financial affairs
• To elevate the image and the status of the firm
• To assist in creating esteemed facilities in order to have prestige and financial gain.

Building premises help financial gain in the short term and long term. One must take into consideration that these plans needs time and support from management in order to implement in the proper way.