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Available Books, CD’s and DVD’s

* A.N.A DVD’s

A.      Work out- Showing kick punch fu

B.      ABS – Workout

C.      Ranges and angles in martail arts fighting

D.      Fight using Kick Punch fu, using Kicks Punches ,throwing and breaking

E.      Cardio Cycling- indoor and outdoor.

* Books

                * A.N.A products- Aerobic and Non Aerobic for losing fats and building muscles.

1.      Kick Punch Fu – Teaching you how to control your attacks and defense in fighting- Mixed Martial Arts         from Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Thai Boxing

2.      Close range fighting- How to engage in fighting and defend yourself.

3.      New Fitness methodology- different techniques for athletic-mantal arts training and schemes for fitness.

4.      How to get a six-pack in 45 days- New exercises to create the right cut, a well-shaped body and a strong back.

5.      Fitness Ideas Be Fit: Body, Mind, Control.