All the classes will be using beat per minutes (bpm) music, allowing your body to feel the music and follow the beat, fighting to achieve your body, mind control and re-uniting your soul.

Life Examples:

· Wake up by breathing and say to your self “ Good Morning, I am happy, I can get what I need, It’s a good day”.

· Stretch your full body in the bed.

· Wash up and pay attention to the small details with care and appreciation to what you have

· Start your workout sessions by any kind of aerobic workout and run for 45-60 minutes.

· Refresh yourself and have a healthy breakfast, then start your daily routine.

· Start your communication by facing others by positioning your body in the right direction (walking, sitting, picking up things… etc).

· Try to have a break between your busy schedule to have lunch, go for a walk or just relax for a few moments.

· Get back to work and try to burn the earned calories by finalizing your work before getting ready for the  gym.

· Go to your favorite work out spot (gym, group training, park…etc).

· Create a weekly/monthly exercise program.

· Feel each muscle/part you workout.

· At the end of your day have your favorite healthy meal that will complete your workout program.

· Try to have your last meal 3 hours prior to sleeping.

· Continue your social activities.

· Go home and sleep satisfied with your achievements toward yourself and others.

· Sleep from 6-8 hours a night to maintain a healthy and energetic day.


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Timing your day to modify your life style, however, all of this should be executed with a convinced and united soul, mind and body.

For a better life style we recommend that you follow a healthy and fit plan

1- Set your target in life and accomplish it

2- Reflect on your negative and positive aspects of yourself, respect it and try to change it from negative to positive.

3- Your training plan should include aerobic and non aerobic activity to burn fat and balance out your body liquids. (reduce water retention)  

4- How fit do I have to be? There are different levels of fitness, always start with a target and move on to bigger ones. Don’t stop at one target, always keep going and stay positive. Always make time in your daily schedule to maintain your body’s fitness and to enjoy the benefits of being fit.

5- Don’t be negative. Always keep going and don’t give up and stay in a positive mood. Don’t let yourself down (make your dreams come true, talk to yourself and listen to yourself).


A.N.A Abdominal Exercising Tips :

· All A.N.A. Classes use music in order to pump up your adrenaline.

· Breathe well and try to feel each your breathing pattern.

· Flex while working out a group of stomach muscles.

· Don’t focus too much on the counting but rather on the feeling, techniques and on your position.

· Take your time improving your control and breathing during your workout.

·  If you have fat around your waist don’t worry it will be lost in a short period of time.

·  Burn fat with aerobic activity at a low heart rate and build muscles with non-aerobic exercise.



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